Karen Bastow

Karen Bastow is an experienced criminal, extradition, civil litigation and civil forfeiture lawyer who has appeared at all Court levels in BC. Called to the British Columbia Bar in 1998, she has defended cases for people accused of murder, kidnapping, drug trafficking and production, aggravated assaults, sexual assaults, as well as property offences.

Karen has negotiated numerous favourable settlements for forfeited property and monies under both the Civil Forfeiture Act and the Criminal Code of Canada.

Karen’s case records can be found on the BC Supreme Court website under ‘reported cases’ by searching her name.

Karen works well with interpreters and takes on clients whose first language is not English.

While Karen is a trial lawyer, she works hard to get a good deal for her clients who have no chance of an acquittal at trial.

Fees are negotiable and the first consultation is always free.
Upon retaining Karen Bastow, clients will be given a 24-hour mobile number to reach her.

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Recent Cases


  • Professional Discipline: Successful dismissal of a College investigation into medical professional after making submissions, providing witness statements and engaging in an interview with the College investigator.



  • Possession for the purposes of trafficking and trafficking, large quantity of fentanyl;, methamphetamine, cocaine – stay of proceedings prior to trial
  • Possession for the purposes of trafficking and trafficking, large quantity of fentanyl, methamphetamine, cocaine – 18 month sentence
  • Action for criminal contempt in business litigation – ruling no criminal contempt